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"I love this place, I never would have thought that I'd find myself working in child care but I love what I do, the staff is great and I have become so close to the kids that it's like they are family! Teaching them so many different things at some many levels is a great experience. Saying good-bye to a handful of smart and wonderful ones this year is sad but joyful at the same time, they will be starting kindergarten in August and they are ready!!!" Erica E.
Teacher and Kid Reading - Child Care Service in Cheyenne, WY
"My little boy started out shy and hesitant at first but as months went by he became a very bright and opened little one. Everyday he gets excited to tell his family what alphabet and number he is learning and what it looks like in sign language. I love this daycare and would recommend it to new and experienced mommies out there. A great plus is that the owner, Jen, does some hands on with the kids." Jen T.
"My daughter has been going here for almost 2 years and I can't imagine her being anywhere else. The effort that goes into the children's development is amazing. I love that I can trust Jenn and the staff to really care for my child. I have trust issues with my kid and I absolutely trust them with my child. It's nice to know there is a place that ALWAYS does the right thing and my child goes there." Mary T.
"I absolutely love this daycare! The staff are amazing! My son started at 6 weeks and I am extremely picky when it comes to care for my children!" Jenna S.